Row House TLC
Adventures in Bathroom Remodeling

It is very hard to find the perfect mate but when John and Doris Sommo met they had no doubts that they were meant for each other. However, when Doris met John's bathroom she felt anything but true love. It was the "ugliest bathroom ever," says John. Then, in unison and with great laughter, the couple proceeds to list the multitude of problems starting with the peeling, circa 1980s wallpaper and faux-marbled vanity. Someone had applied a gray glaze over the original brown tiles which perhaps had been nice at one point, or maybe not, but in any case was past its prime and peeling profusely. The problems weren't merely cosmetic either. There was an utilitarian, tank-less toilet with a lid that wouldn't stay up and suspect temperature control in the shower which offered the user the added excitement of never knowing how long the water would stay warm.

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